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We are so pleased you are interested in buying Brian’s work. His paintings can be bought directly from his studio in person or online. Contact me, Wendy Roseberry (Brian’s wife) if you would like to visit Brian at the home and studio in Connecticut. Otherwise advise me of the work of art or subject from which you’re interested in acquiring. I will respond with information about the availability of work(s), postage arrangements and cost, and the prices of particular paintings, which range from $500 – $175,000. (Euro and Pounds Sterling are also accepted).

Payment can be made via personal cheque or bank transfer in US dollars to our US bank; Pounds Sterling or Euro to our UK bank. Bank details will be provided upon request. PayPal can also be used to send funds or to pay with a credit card.

Clear, strong, prayerful work, with joy at its centre.

—Art critic Sister Wendy Beckett

We usually use the courier Federal Express. Their prices are competitive and can deliver within or to most all destinations within 72 hours if you provide us with your postal address, telephone number and arrange to have someone at your location able to sign for receipt of the work.

If not satisfied, you will have 7 working days after receiving the work of art to return it to Roseberry Crest in the US to receive a 100% refund for the painting. The purchaser must pay for the shipping charges to return the painting to Roseberry Crest.

Happy to answer any questions you may have by filling out the form below and many thanks for your interest in Brian’s work. You can view his collection of recently sold paintings.

All commissions and purchases are kept confidential.

For enquiries about Brian’s art, please call Wendy at 1.540.303.0734 or fill out the form below.

His work is bold and commanding.

—Seamus Heaney, Nobel Laureate

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