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A Festival of London Irish Plays 2018

This exhibition has ended.

A Tragic Carmody at Green Curtain Theatre

Tuesday, February 20th – Saturday, March 17th, 2018

‘A Tragic Carmody’

Written by Brian Whelan

In his first play international artist Brian Whelan tells the story of his collaboration with Camden artist Danny Carmody, as they attempt to stage an exhibition of London Irish art. Danny, a builder from Co. Galway, was a self-taught artist who believed in painting big. Not only were his paintings the size of a large rug, they also reflected the ‘rawness and soreness” of his life. Having talent is not enough and Danny has to make a stretch - how will the art world and the community Danny Carmody lives in, respond to his work?

Watch a video of Clifford John Ryan reviewing A Tragic Carmody.

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