Brian Whelan

Brian Whelan’s bold, large-scale paintings have an immense physical presence. They’re loaded with imagery and design, densely configured into a rich pattern of considerable complexity.

Victoria Donohoe, art critic, Philadelphia Inquirer

Brian Whelan portrait

As a son of immigrants, I am no stranger to a new culture. Spending time in the US with my American wife has given me another address but the drive of my work remains the same: a search for a spiritual and metaphorical home, which finds some consolation in the subjects I choose to paint. These themes are often narratives drawn from life’s comic tragedies, on both secular and religious planes.

Holy City at the National Cathedral

Brian Whelan home and studio on Westport Road

Connecticut USA


...Brian is an artist of great skill, depth, and integrity, informed by both medieval and contemporary sensibilities.

Rev. Dr Peter Doll, Canon Librarian, Norwich Cathedral

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